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Cancer treatment is not limited to commercial therapy controlled by big pharma companies. Our tailored alternative cancer treatment in mexico has a higher success rate – and lower risk – than chemotherapy. You can make the choice to treat cancer safely, effectively, and with a lower risk. Don’t just take our word for it: our survival rates speak for themselves.
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Treating the Patient, Not the Cancer

Chemotherapy doesn’t just kill cancer cells, it obliterates healthy cells too. We know cancer and take the time to understand our patients. Our tailored, multi-disciplined Functional Oncology program combines traditional and modern medicine. We target the bad cells while protecting each patient’s overall health. We are proud of our success rates and are honored to help our patients to live long, healthy lives.

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The Functional Oncology Team

Our Functional Oncology Team is led by world leaders in their field, Dr. Donato Perez, and Dr. Ariel Perez. By combining the unrivalled expertise of each physician, Functional Oncology optimizes the body’s ability to fight cancer whilst destroying cancer cells.

Dr Ariel Perez

Dr. Ariel Perez is renowned for his expertise in alternative, conventional and functional medicine. A graduate of Baja California State University, Dr. Perez is a member of the National Board of General Practitioners and the Tijuana association of GPs. He is has gained numerous certifications from across the globe, including Functional Medicine by the Institute for Functional Medicine, Bioenergetics by the Vega Academy in Germany, Hyperthermia by the Heckel Academy, Medical Ozone Therapy by the Medical Society for Ozone and Kinesiology by the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara.

Dr. Perez applies his broad skill set to fight cancer, using a complementary combination of natural and traditional methods.

Dr. Donato Perez

Globally renowned Dr. Donato Perez is the world’s leading IPT specialist. With over 30 years’ experience and having undertaken in excess of 26,000 treatments, he is a pioneer in the world of cancer treatment. Dr. Perez is the only physician in Mexico who is certified to offer IPT, a ground-breaking technique proven to be effective in the treatment of cancer. He is director of the Board of Education for the European Academy for Insulin Potentiation Therapy and has received recognition from the National Institute of Health, the National Cancer Institute, and the Office of Cancer, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (OCCAM).

Dr. Perez is the third generation to devote his life to medicine, and is committed to improving the outcomes of all cancer patients.

The Team

Working under Dr. Donato Perez and Dr. Ariel Perez is our team of skilled professionals, with expertise across a range of medical sectors. By looking at the bigger picture, we help our patients to fight cancer and optimize their health.

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Functional Assessment (patient needs)

Cellular Detoxification

What is Gerson therapy?

Immune Support and Regulation


Cellular Therapy

The First Step to Treating Cancer is Understanding Cancer

The human body is made up of trillions of cells, each serving a different purpose. These cells follow a standard life cycle, in which they reproduce, repair and die. Cancer arises when a cell, or a group of cells, reproduce too quickly. To put it simply, in cancer cells, the “off” switch is broken, so they keep multiplying. When this happens, the function of other cells is impaired: old cells fail to die, and new cells are made when they don’t need to be. If the abnormal cells continue to multiply, they clump together to form a tumor. If a tumor is malignant, it can grow and spread to other, nearby parts of the body. Sometimes cells can break off and be carried to other, more distant parts of the body.

We all produce potentially cancerous cells every day, but our body identifies and removes the threat. Sometimes our body can’t remove the bad cells, sometimes the bad cells are the result of flawed DNA, or sometimes there are simply too many of these bad cells for the body to cope with: this is cancer. Our bodies need nutrition for the healthy reproduction and maintenance of cells. Cancer cells flourish in certain conditions: by identifying what cancer cells need to survive, we are taking the firsts step to killing them.

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Our Five-Step Program Helps Treat Cancer Safely and Effectively

Drawing on the expertise of each of our physicians, we create a bespoke, five-step program for each patient.


Integrative Assessment – Getting the Bigger Picture

Integrative assessment is the first step to curing cancer. At our state-of-the-art hospital, we have immediate access to the medical testing and diagnostics technology, helping us to understand each patient and devise the best cancer treatment program for them.


Cellular Nutrition – The First Line of Defense

By promoting the best possible nutrition down to a cellular level, we optimize the body’s ability to fight disease, heal and regenerate. To fight cancer, your body needs to be prepared. We use nutrition to get your cells fighting fit, so they can do their job.


Detoxification – Removing Cancerous Conditions

Many elements of modern life turn our bodies into an environment in which cancer cells thrive. Nutrition helps to detox the body, but we use additional detox therapy to remove cancer-inducing conditions. In this way, we help to starve the cancer cells and boost healthy cells. We create a “clean slate” which enables us to restore a healthy balance to the body.


Immune Support and Regulation – Restoring the Balance

Our immune systems are power-houses of activity, identifying threats, healing and repairing cells, killing old or damaged cells and creating new ones. Our ability to fight cancer depends on the strength of our immune system and its ability to identify threats. By optimizing the immune system, we help it to do what it is best at: destroy threats and restore a healthy balance.


Cancer Suppression

Once your body is fighting fit, we are ready to fight the cancer cells. We use our understanding of the conditions that cancer cells do, and don’t like, and use a tailored approach to target the cancer. This is a complex, multi-disciplinary approach, designed to target cancer cells while limiting the strain on the body.

One Call Could Change Your Life

We know that being diagnosed with cancer is a terrifying time, and that it is impossible to know what is the right decision.

Our Functional Oncology program draws on extensive research, knowledge and experience across a range of medical fields. Our patients come to our state-of-the-art hospital, where they stay in a suite specifically designed to provide them with the highest standard of care. We take the time to know each patient, physically and emotionally, to enable us to design the best cancer treatment program. Each one of our specialists will be with you every step of your cancer treatment journey.

There is nothing to lose by booking a free consultation; you can speak to one of our team based in the US, ask any questions that you may have, and find out how Functional Oncology could help you. Patients don’t choose to have cancer, but they can choose how they fight it. It will take two minutes to fill in the form below and arrange a call: that two minutes could change your life.

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